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Odisha GK Part- 02


1. Balasore, Bhadrak parts of Jajpur Agricultural districts constitute to which Agro-climatic zone?

ANSWER= (B) North Eastern Coastal Plain


2. Western Undulating Zone belongs to

ANSWER= (C) Kalahandi


3. Medicinal plant garden Ekamravan is located where in Odisha?

ANSWER= (A) Bhubaneswar


4. Which among the following area is not a major flower growing area in Odisha?

ANSWER= (A) Kalahandi


5. Which one of the following is first Agri-Export Zone of Odisha?

ANSWER= (C) Kandhamal


6. Which of the following institute was incorporated in 2004?

ANSWER= (C) Rajya Beej Evam Krishi Vikas Nigam Limited


7. Which agricultural scheme of Odisha is destined to provide health and accidental insurance to form families?



8. National Horticulture Mission is operationalised in Odisha since

ANSWER= (D) 2005-06


9. Mini Mission-1 is related to

ANSWER= (B) Oil seeds


10. Which of the following office is implementing the ‘Seed Village Programmes’?

ANSWER= (B) Odisha State Seed Corporation


11. What is the share of wells, hand pumps and borewells in Odishan Irrigation System?

ANSWER= (B) 2/3 rd


12. Rusikulya Irrigation Project is related to

ANSWER= (B) Mahanadi


13. Which among the following Irrigation project in Odisha is not based on Godavari basin?

ANSWER= (A) Kanupur Project


14. Which of the following district do not get water from Hirakud project in Odisha?

ANSWER= (B) Balasore


15. Which project is based on Brahmani river?

ANSWER= (D) All of these

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