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Odisha GK Part- 04


1. Which forests are locally known as ’Hental Van’?

ANSWER= (D) Tidal Forests


2. The predominant species of mangrove forests is……

ANSWER= (D) Hental


3. What is the local name of the hills with flat tops in Eastern Van Ghats region of Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Pats


4. Which districts of Odisha face destruction of forests due to practice of podu cultivation?

ANSWER= (A) Phulbani


5. Which tree covers almost 33% of the forest cover in Odisha?



6. Odisha is the third largest produce of ……

ANSWER= (C) Kendu leaves


7. Which among the following region is an orchid rich forest found in Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Both (b) and (c)


8. Which of the following is the medicinal plant which is found in Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


9. The Odisha Forest Development Corporation Ltd. came into existence in which year?

ANSWER= (D) 1990


10. Which among the following is not a forest division of the Odisha state Forest Department?

ANSWER= (B) Rayagarh


11. How many National Parks are there in Odisha?



12. Bhitarkanika National Park is located in which district of Odisha?

ANSWER= (A) Kendrapara


13. Bhitarkanika National Park came into existence in

ANSWER= (C) 1998


14. Simlipal National Park is located in which district of Odisha?

ANSWER= (C) Mayurbhanj


15. Which wildlife sanctuary of Odisha has a unique feature of being a tiger reserve, biosphere reserve and national park?

ANSWER= (A) Simlipal

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