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Ancient History of Odisha MCQ


1. What is the pre-historic name of Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Udra


2. Which among the following is a Buddhist Literary Source of Odisha’s ancient history?

ANSWER= (A) Kurudharma Jataka


3. Greek historian Pliny mentions Odisha by which name?

ANSWER= (A) Kalinga


4. Which literary source mentions about Kalinga and Odra and its sacred river Baitarani and Goddess Viraja?

ANSWER= (C) The Mahabharata


5. Which literary source mentioned Odisha as Kalinganagara situated on the West of Gomti river?

ANSWER= (C) Ramayana


6. Which of the following excavation site is not a part of ‘Diamond Triangle’ of Odishan archaeology?

ANSWER= (A) Khandagiri


7. Which of the following inscriptions, throws light on the administration of Asoka in Kalinga?

ANSWER= (D) Both A and B


8. The earliest coins available in Odisha are

ANSWER= (A) Punch-marked coins


9. Which of the following coins suggest that trade and commerce existed in Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Gupta coins


10. Which among the following pre historic site in Odisha belongs to Neolithic era?

ANSWER= (B) Baripada


11. The capital of Kalinga according to Jain and Buddhist literature in ancient times was-

ANSWER= (B) Dantapur


12. Who were the rulers of Kalinga before the establishment of Maurya dynasty?

ANSWER= (C) Nandas


13. King Asoka became Buddhist after he was horrified with the tyranny of Kalinga War. It was in:

ANSWER= (B) 261 BC


14. What was the capital of Kalinga after its annexation with Magadha empire?

ANSWER= (A) Tosali


15. Hathigumpha inscription in Udayagiri near Bhubaneswar gives information about which dynasty of ancient Odisha?

ANSWER= (A) Chedi dynasty

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