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1. The Desert Festival, an annual event in Rajasthan that displays local folk arts
and culture, aerobatics, camel races, is held at

(A) Jodhpur
(B) Jaisalmer
(C) Barmer
(D) Bikaner

Ans- B

2. Ahatguri in Assam is famous for –

(A) Bullock-cart racing
(B) Cock fighting
(C) Bull taming
(D) Buffalo fighting

Ans- D

3. Which city hosts the Kala Ghoda Art festival in February every year?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Jaipur
(C) Kolkata
(D) Bengaluru

Ans- A

4. Kambala is a traditional buffalo race held in the State of

(A) Karnataka
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Telangana
(D) Kerala

Ans- A

5. Festival of Holi falls on –

(A) New Moon Day
(B) Full Moon Day
(C) One day before Full Moon
(D) One day after New Moon

Ans- B

6. Sarhul is a festival celebrated in –

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Jharkhand

Ans- D

7. Which State hosts the annual Surajkund crafts fair?

(A) Haryana
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Rajasthan

Ans- A

8. Where is Pushkar Fair held?
(A) Jodhpur
(B) Ajmer
(C) Jaipur
(D) Udaipur

Ans- B

9. Atla Taddi is a festival of which State?

(A) Karnataka
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Jharkhand
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans- D

10. Losoong festival is celebrated in which of the following states?

(A) Tibet
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Sikkim
(D) Kerala

Ans- C

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