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Indian Culture MCQ Part- 05

01.Who founded the Haryanka dynasty in Magadha ?

A. Udayabhadra

B. Ajatashatru

C. Bimbisara

D. None of Above

Ans- C

02.The most important republican state during the period of Buddha were :

A. The Panchalas

B. The Vajjis

C. The Kashis

D. The Magadhas

Ans- B

03.Who wrote the play Mudrarakshasa ?

A. Vishakha Dutta

B. Banbhat

C. Tunbhadra

D. None of Above

Ans- A

04.Asoka’s inscriptions have been found at Maski, Yerragudi and Chitaldurga, These are in

A. Kerala

B. Karnataka

C. Tamilnadu

D. Maharastra

Ans- B

05.The oldest among the spoken literary languages of South India is:

A. Kannada

B. Malayalam

C. Telugu

D. Tamil Language

Ans- D

06.Akbar the great Mughal Emperor proclaimed a new religion Din-e-Ilahi in:

A. 1565

B. 1575

C. 1581

D. 1583

Ans- C

07.The two Jain Trithankars who find mention in Rig Veda are:

A. Rishabhanath and Mahavira

B. Rishabhanath and Aristhanemia

C. Mahavira and Aristhanemia

D. Ajitnath and Mahavira

Ans- B

08.The four important dynasties that stand out prominently in the sixth century B.C. are :

A. The Guptas, the Ikshvakus, the Pauravas and the Mauryas.

B. The Haryankas, the Guptas, the Pauravas and Pradyotas.

C. The Haryankas, the Ikshvakus, the Pauravas and the Mauryas.

D. The Haryankas, the Ikshvakus, the Pauravas and Pradyotas.

Ans- D

09.In 1724 the state of Hyderabad was founded by :

A. Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf-Jah

B. Azim Jah Bahadur

C. Osman Ali Khan

D. Qamaruddin Khan

Ans- A

10.Annie Besant arrived in India in:

A. 1878

B. 1885

C. 1893

D. 1900

Ans- C

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