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Fireman G.S. Test – 02

Fireman Mock Test 2023

1. In which year was the Home Rule Movement started?

A. 1914

B. 1915

C. 1917

D. 1916 

2. In which session was the Congress Party split?

A. Surat, 1907

B. Lahore, 1909

C. Madras, 1908

D. None of These

3. The largest border of India with which country?

A. Pakistan

B. Bangladesh

C. China

D. Nepal

4. How many agenda priorities were presented by G20 India for the G20 dialogue in 2023?
A. Four agenda priorities
B. Five agenda priorities
C. Six agenda priorities
D. Seven agenda priorities

5. Which of the following river does not form the delta ?

A. Krishna

B. Narmada

C. Kaveri

D. Mahanadi 

6. Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic________forest in the world.

A. Woody shrubs

B. Papyrus

C. Mangrove

D. Marsh 

7. Which layer of atmosphere is suitable for flying airplanes?

A. Troposphere

B. Thermosphere

C. Stratosphere

D. Ionosphere 

8. Which of the following is NOT one of G20 India’s agenda priorities for the 2023 dialogue?
A. Accelerated, Inclusive & Resilient Growth
B. Women-led development
C. Space Exploration
D. Technological Transformation & Digital Public Infrastructure 

9. Which Amendment is called as “Mini Constitution”? 

A. 42 

B. 61 

C. 39 

D. 52 

10. India’s largest hockey stadium Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium was situated in ?

A. Rourkela

B. Bhubaneswar

C. Puri

D. Cuttack

01 D 06 C
02 A 07 C
03 B 08 C
04 C 09 A
05 10 A

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