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Computer Fundamentals MCQ Part- 2


1. Artificial intelligence is an example of

ANSWER= (D) Fifth generation computer


2. First super computer of the world is



3. A ….. is a microprocessor-based computing device.

ANSWER= (B) Personal computer


4. First computer of India is

ANSWER= (B) Siddharth


5. Choose the odd one out.

ANSWER= (D) Digital computer


6. Which of the following is the smallest and fastest computer imitating brain working ?

ANSWER= (B) Quantum computer


7. Benefits of computers are

ANSWER= (A) Very fast and can store huge amount of data


8. Name the first general purpose electronic computer.



9. The chip, used in computers, is made of

ANSWER= (D) Silicon


10. A desktop computer is also known as a



11. Computer built before the first generation computer was

ANSWER= (B) Electro-mechanical


12. Abacus can perform

ANSWER= (D) Both A & B


13. Pascaline is also known by

ANSWER= (B) Adding machine


14. Who developed integrated chip ?

ANSWER= (C) JS Kilby


15. Speed of third generation computer is

ANSWER= (C) Nano sec [10^(-9)]

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