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Android Mobile Amazing Trick for Screen Lock | Voice Screen Lock. Using a traditional Lock screen to Lock & Unlock your phone have been outdated now. Use a new approach to Lock/Unlock your Smartphone using your Voice and secure your mobile from others approach.

Through this app you will store a Voice password, and you will need to Speak that Specific Password to unlock your Mobile Device. The time and date will also be visible.

Mobile security is very important. Normally different apps are used by users to secure their mobile devices from being accessed by someone else. You wants totally different Lock Screen also this work with your voice. So your wish is complete.

Easy Set to Faug Pic Lock screen, Christmas Lock Screen, pub Wallaper Lock Screen, background in used our app. Android Mobile Amazing Trick for Screen Lock

Android Mobile Amazing Trick for Screen Lock

Customize your lock screen with following features:

  • Set Voice password by clicking on Mic.
  • Set your Pincode password for alternate use.
  • 8 HD theme wallpapers
  • Set Enable/Disable Date on screen
  • You can Enable/Disable the voice lock.

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