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Teaching Aptitude || Part – 2

1.Behaviourism was the concept given by

A) Skinner
B) Thorndike
C) Freud
D) Pavlov

Ans-   A

2. Reservation policy is

A) constitutional
B) antisocial
C) unconstitutional
D) Unauthorized

Ans-   A

3. The prenatal factors that affect the growth and
devleopment of a child are the ones that

A) do not affect him
B) influence him before birth
C) influence him during birth
D) influence him after birth

Ans-   B

4. In order to reach at behaviour modification, the
teacher should

A) check all wrong behaviour
B) not be bothered at all
C) ignore all wrong behaviour
D) encourage the wrong behaviour

Ans-   A

5. When a student is facing problems in writing properly,
the situation is called

A) Dyslexia
B) Dysphasia
C) Dysgraphia
D) Dyscalculia

Ans-   C

6. As per the Right to Education guidelines 2009, SMCs
have been formed to ensure all the basic requirements of
the school. What does SMC stand for in this regard ?

A) School Management Committee
B) Secondary to Middle School Committee
C) Senior Montessori Commission
D) Staff Management Commission 

Ans-    A

7. A student who faces problems in learning and
retaining things for long is said to have difficulty in

A) emotional disability
B) creativity
C) co-curricular activities
D) executive functioning 

Ans-   D

8. The two major factors that control the child’s learning
and personality are

A) peers and society
B) hereditary and environment
C) grandparents and parents
D) physical and maturity levels 

Ans-   B

9. According to Allport, the main traits that dominate an
individual and shape his behaviour are the

A) primary traits
B) central traits
C) secondary traits
D) cardinal traits

Ans-   D

10. National Open School ( NOS) is now known as


Ans-   A

11. Which of the following agencies is the first agency of
education for learner ?

A) Peer group
B) School
C) Family
D) Society

Ans-   C

12. The best way to teach young children is through the paly
way method. This method was devised by whom

A) Aristotle
B) Freud
C) Froebel
D) Plato

Ans-   C

13. A child who is prone towards negative activities like
fighting, stealing etc may be called

A) gifted
B) delinquent
C) bright
D) over achiever

Ans-   B

14. Which of the following is NOT a specific learning
difficulty ?

A) Dysphagia
B) Dyslexia
C) Dyscalculia
D) Dyspraxia

Ans-   A

15. Which among the following options CANNOT be
covered under the non-formal mode of education ?

A) Small duration vocational courses
B) e-learning courses for academics
C) Hobby courses
D) Special training for entrepreneurs

Ans-   B

16. NIEPA is an Institute established by the Government
of India dealing with management of education. What
does NIEPA stand for ?

A) National Institute of Educational Planning and
B) National Institute of Educational Phase and
C) National Institute of Environmental Planning and
D) Neo Institute of Educational Planning and

Ans-   A

17. Which of the following methods is Student-Centered
and has a High-Tech Approach towards learning ?

A) Flipped Classroom Model
B) Direct Instruction Method
C) Personalized Learning Method
D) Kinesthetic Learning Mode

Ans-   C

18. If you are a teacher of ninth standard, and should
focus on the the study of child development, you would
focus on the literature related to

A) Preschool period
B) Adolescent period
C) Prenatal period
D) Middle childhood

Ans-   B

19. Taking a test after completing a chapter is a way of

A) testing
B) measurement
C) introduction
D) evaluation

Ans-   D

20. Which school of philosophy believes that only
materialistic world is true and there is no true spirit.

A) Neo Realism
B) Pragmatism
C) Idealism
D) Realism

Ans-   C

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