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Odisha GK MCQ Part- 01


1. What is the percentage of land exploited for cultivation in Odisha?

ANSWER= (C) 40%


2. In which district of Odisha, shifting cultivation is known as Toila Chasa?

ANSWER= (A) Keonjhar


3. Which crop play a major role in the economy of Odisha?

ANSWER= (B) Rabi


4. Which among the following is not a Kharif crop is Odisha?

ANSWER= (A) Wheat


5. Which crop has largest area under cultivation in Odisha?

ANSWER= (C) Paddy


6. Mayurbhanj ranks high in the production of

ANSWER= (B) Maize


7. Srimati, Priya, Prasant are varieties of which crop grown in Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Rice


8. In which of the following soils of Odisha production of rice takes place?

ANSWER= (A) Alluvial soil


9. What is the place of Odisha in the cultivation of jute?

ANSWER= (B) 4th


10. Which is the second most important cash crop in Odisha?

ANSWER= (B) Sugarcane


11. In which rank Odisha stands in sugarcane production in India?

ANSWER= (B) 8th


12. Koraput, Balangir and Kalahandi have suitable soil and climate conditions for

ANSWER= (D) Cotton


13. Which among the following are the major spices produced in Odisha?

ANSWER= (D) Both (a) and (b)


14. What kind of climate is found in North Central Plateau?

ANSWER= (B) Hot and Moist Sub-humid


15. Lateritic soil is not found in which Agro-climatic zone?

ANSWER= (A) Eastern Ghat High Land

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