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English || Part – 1

1. Find the most appropriate opposite meaning word:

A) Migration
B) Influx
C) Restoration
D) Return

Ans-  B

2. Choose the right option to fill the blank:
My sister was skipping and she hurt her _______.

A) heal
B) heel
C) eel
D) heath

Ans-   B

3. Choose the right option to fill the blank:
My _____________ is unwell.

A) niece
B) knees
C) knee
D) nice

Ans-  A

4. What is the plural form of Sister-in-law ?

A) Sister’s-in-law
B) Sisteres-in-law
C) Sister-in-laws
D) Sisters-in-law

Ans-   D

5. Rainbows can also be caused by

A) Infrared rays
B) Ultraviolet rays
C) Airborne dew
D) Prism molecules in the sky

Ans-   C

6. Select the correct option.
You are nothing but __________ old orthodox man.

A) the
B) a
C) an
D) no article

Ans-   C

7. Choose the synonym of the given word:

A) audacity
B) helpful
C) thinking
D) fantastic

Ans-   A

8. Choose the correct answer:
They pledged to work towards ______________.

A) piece
B) peas
C) pace
D) peace

Ans-   D

9. Select the correct option.
The Rime of ___________ ancient mariner.

A) the
B) no article
C) an
D) a

Ans-  C

10. Choose the most appropriate similar meaning word:

A) Prejudiced
B) Involved
C) Unbiased
D) Predisposed 

Ans-   C


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