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Current Affairs 04 June 2024

Current Affairs 04 June 2024

Current Affairs 04 June 2024

01. Who was named the brand ambassador for Tobacco Control on World No Tobacco Day 2024?
(a) Apurva Chandra
(b) PV Sindhu
(c) Dr. Harsh Vardhan
(d) Sachin Tendulkar

02. What is the number of voters registered for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India?
(a) 550 million
(b) 600 million
(c) 642 million
(d) 700 million

03. What is the total prize money announced by the ICC for the T20 World Cup 2024?
(a) $5.6 million
(b) $11.25 million
(c) $23.5 million
(d) $25 million

04. Who was appointed as the new head coach of Chelsea Football Club, replacing Mauricio Pochettino?
(a) Enzo Maresca
(b) Thomas Frank
(c) Kieran McKenna
(d) Roberto De Zerbi

05. On which domain are NASA and ESA collaborating as part of the Artemis program
(a) Space tourism
(b) International space station
(c) Martian exploration
(d) Lunar timekeeping

06. Which two organizations’ publication revealed the temperature records in India recently?
(a) India Meteorological Department and World Meteorological Organization
(b) World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environment Program
(c) Centre for Science and Environment and Down to Earth
(d) United Nations Environment Program and Centre for Science and Environment 

07. In which country was the first living person to receive a liver transplant from a genetically modified pig?
(a) United States
(b) United Kingdom
(c) China
(d) Germany

08. Who recently retired as India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations after a 35-year career?
(a) Indra Nooyi
(b) Meera Shankar
(c) Nirupama Rao
(d) Ruchira Kamboj

09. Which country’s port will Adani Ports operate under a 30-year concession agreement?
(a) Papua New Guinea
(b) Tanzania
(c) Guatemala
(d) Ghana

10. What is the name of the CSIR project that aims to collect samples for better prediction models for cardio-metabolic diseases in India?
(a) Phenome India
(b) Genomic India
(c) Precision Health India
(d) Metabolic Mapping India

01 B 06 C
02 C 07 C
03 B 08 D
04 A 09 B
05 D 10 A


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