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CT Entrance | Science |Part- 1

Exam : CT Entrance | Science


1.Which of the following diagnostic characters is found in
the Androecium of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ?

A) Monadelphous
B) Syncarpous
C) Pentacarpellary
D) Pentalocular

Ans-   A

2.Which of the following types of sclereids are star
shaped ?

A) Macrosclereids
B) Osteosclereids
C) Astrosclereids
D) Brachysclereids

Ans-   C

3.Robert H. Whittaker five kingdom classification
includes all of the following, EXCEPT

A) Monera
B) Plantae
C) Fungi
D) Parasite

Ans-    D

4.Supporting roots that comes out of the lower nodes of
the stems of maize or sugarcane are called as

A) Stilt roots
B) Pneumatophores
C) storage roots
D) Nodular roots

Ans-   A

5. Strep throat condition in humans is a type of which of
the following infections ?

A) Fungal infection
B) Protozoan infection
C) Bacterial infection
D) Viral infection 

Ans-   C

6.A train of length 200 m travelling at 40 m/s overtakes
another train of length 300 m travelling at 30 m/s in same
direction. The time taken by the first train to pass the
second is

A) 40 s
B) 10 s
C) 30 s
D) 50 s

Ans-   D

7.Which of the following process is used for the production
washing soda ?

A) Haber Process
B) Raschig process
C) Dow process
D) Solvay process

Ans-   D

8.Rhizobia bacteria in Plants helps in

A) transpiration
B) photosynthesis
C) protection
D) nitrogen fixation

Ans-   D

9.Which of the following cells does NOT contain cell
wall ?

A) Fungi
B) Animal
C) Bacteria
D) Plant

Ans-   B

10.The process of conversion of gaseous state into liquid
state is called as

A) sublimation
B) evaporation
C) melting
D) condensation

Ans-    D

11.In the process of cell division called mitosis,
Chromosome condensation occurs during which phase ?

A) Telophase
B) Metaphase
C) Anaphase
D) Prophase

An-   D

12.If two bodies stick together after collision and move as
a single body, the collision is said to be

A) perfectly inelastic
B) perfectly elastic
C) elastic
D) inelastic

Ans-   A

13.The angle between the force and the displacement in
terms of negative work done is

A) 90°
B) 180°
C) 50°
D) 0°
Ans-  B

14.In the chloroplast, thylakoids sacs are arranged in stacks
known as

A) outer membrane
B) grana
C) cisterna
D) stroma

Ans-   B

15.What is the chemical formula of plaster of paris ?

A) (CaSO4)2 .H2O
B) CaSO4.2H2O
C) CaSO4.H2O
D) CaSO4

Ans-   A

16.Which of the following disease is caused by bacteria ?

A) Tetanus
B) Aspergillosis
C) Filariasis
D) Dengue

Ans-   A

17.Eukaryotes reproduce sexually through a process
known as

A) Meiosis
B) Parthenogenesis
C) Mitosis
D) Fragmentation

Ans-   A

18.Which of the following structures in Animal cells have
a role in cell division ?

A) Peroxisome
B) Centrioles
C) Vacuole
D) Plastid

Ans-   B

19.Which of the following is a scalar quantity ?

A) Speed
B) Force
C) Displacement
D) Velocity

Ans-    A

20.Which of the following structures are ABSENT in a
prokaryotic cell ?

B) Ribosomes
C) Plasma membrane
D) Mitochondria

Ans-   D

CT Entrance | Science |Part- 1

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